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Chain of Custody

Most "recycling services" are just brokers who handle materials in bulk and say they have data security measures in place, but cannot demonstrate them. This leaves a gaping hole in security for you, as these devices are shipped from place to place and even across continents before data bearing devices are identified.  This practice has lead to tremendous security and environmental problems throughout the world.

Intense Security Screening

Our workflows were designed around a 'secure chain of custody' operations model where materials remain in our possession from the point of collection (your facility) all the way through documentation, security screening and de-manufacturing.  As each item is recorded into our system, it is screened for any media that could contain data.  Each type of media discovered during this process (described below) is then 'sanitized' within our facility.

Our data security practices are designed pursuant to NIST Special Publication 800.88 Revision 1  to meet the requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Protected health Information (PHI) Act and Personal Information (PII) Act.  See link to the full NIST publication at the bottom of this page 

Magnetic Media (data tape and 3.5" floppy disk) Data Destruction

Often overlooked because of their age, this media is taken as seriously as other media types at eWaste Alternatives. This media is "Degaussed", which involves subjecting a tape to a very high electromagnetic charge that scrambles data   Some of our customers with the highest security requirements also have us perform this procedure on hard disk drives before physically destroying them.  DLT and LTO data tapes and 3.5" floppy disks are the most common media types to be degaussed in our PD-2 Data Eliminator (see video below) and a degaussing wand is used for larger media types such as VHS and 9mm tape.


Optical Disks (CD and DVD), Thermal Transfer Ribbons and Paper Document Destruction

All CDs and DVDs that are not associated with a donated device such as OEM media (eg: system restore and driver disks) are shredded.  Thermal Transfer Ribbons, typically found in small facsimile machines and any printed documents (non OEM) and letterhead discovered in printers and copiers are shredded.

Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive Data Destruction

Hard disk drives and solid state drives that cannot be reused (because of condition, customer requirement or type) are physically destroyed by our Garner PD-5 Hard Drive Destroyer (certified to meet NSA/CSS SDDM 9-12 and DoD 5220.22M requirements) The remains are then sent to North American third party certified processors for final grinding, separation, and smelting.

Hard disk drives and solid state drives that are suitable/allowed for reuse are sanitized using the N.I.S.T. 800.88 'Secure Erasure' procedure. 

The 'Secure Erasure' process begins with a drive fitness and SMART test and with a verification step.  Once wiped and verified, these drives are marked with a green label indicating 'Sanitized & Verified' with the initials of the technician who witnessed the process.  


CAUTION! Are you using an On Site Document Shredding Service to destroy your data?

Hard drives that are not in use and are to be destroyed and recycled are regulated Universal Wastes containing harmful heavy metals - curbside shredding has no environmental controls and creates environmental and health risks.  This method of data security is not environmentally compliant and should be avoided.

eWaste Alternatives' customers have a far better and compliant solution that actually increases data security at a cost competitive with curbside shredding.  If your security policy requires data destruction at your facility, eWaste Alternatives can do so within your facility (not outdoors) for a competitive cost - just contact us for details.




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