Lots of businesses tell us they've been 'free recycling' their IT at Goodwill Stores - aside of the obvious security problems this behavior causes - here's another reason why 'Free' recycling is likely not 'legitimate' recycling and how it can come back on you.



Use the 'Community Recycling' link to get details.

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Maine's Product Stewardship Law was signed into law in 2006, and was the first law in the US that made manufacturer's responsible for the recycling costs associated with their products at end-of-life.  Several rule changes have been made since then - these changes have expanded the eligible materials list as well as who can benefit from the law.


This program was designed as a 'Sustainable Social Enterprise' - or basically a non profit program that would create employment for people with disabilities, recover reusable technology to benefit our community, and create valuable long-term business to business relationships that value 'People, Planet and Profit'

Some electronic materials have a reuse and scrap value - some have no value - and others involve significant costs to process in an enviromentally friendly/compliant manner.


In the interest of cost savings and our environment, we have put as much information as possible on this website, but there are indeed two print documents available that are useful tools for explaining the service to others as well as providing process and program transparency, compliance info and security details.

  • The eWaste Alternatives Tri-Fold Services Brochure
  • The eWaste Alternatives Technology Donor Guide

Just use the 'Contact' link to request your copy.

Yes!  In fact - we prefer clients use it!

Our services agreement is a very mutual document that states all the assurances we make on this website and more.  The best part of our contract is that as most contracts have fee 'lock ins' for the term of the contract, ours allows fee changes (maximum of 20% increase due to market fluctuations) and to date, these changes have historically dropped fees in favor of our clients.

Use the 'Contact' link to contact Chris Martin for more information on our Services Agreement 

We maintain significant Workers Comp ($1M), General Liability ($2.5M) and Automotive insurance policies ($1M).  Certificates of Insurance for specific collection sites are also available upon request.

Copies of our insurance policies are also a standard part of our Contractual Services Agreement. 

Just use the 'Contact' link to call us.  We regularly present the eWaste Alternatives program via phone or in person to prospective clients in a detailed, but brief 40 minute session.

We do prefer this method as the depth of information and very engaging Q&A component enables a well-informed decision for the prospective client.

You are looking for the US DoD 5220.22-M N.I.S.P.O.M. - last revision before transition to N.I.S.T. 800-88, dated January 1995




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