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eWaste Alternatives is R2/RIOS:2016 Certified

eWaste Alternatives is certified to both the R2 (Responsible Recycling) and RIOS (Recycling Industry Operating Standards) Best Practices Standards.  Of the two Internation standards out there - this one focuses on reuse BEFORE scrap recycling, which honors the environmental code of 'Reduce, Reuse - then Recycle as a last resort'.

This is a rigorous standard - and in an industry where environment, health and safety, security and compliance risks are on the rise - your materials should only go to a certified recycler.

The combination of R2 and RIOS certification binds our operating practices to documented processes under continual improvement and NIST 800.88 date security (ISO9001) standards; Environmental Controls that provide clear and transparent down-stream processing of wastes (ISO14001) - we only ship materials for additional processing to other R2 certified recyclers; Health and Safety Controls that protect our customers, employees and community from hazards related to materials (OSHAS18001). All of this has to be documented, monitored and continually improved by eWa staff to pass the certification process which is monitored by our auditors every year..

eWaste Alternatives is an MDEP Approved and Licensed Electronics De-Manufacturer and Recycling Program

Did you know that your business is obligated to the regulatory standards of the state you operate in?  Some Maine companies still send their unwanted electronics - which are classified as 'Universal Wastes' in Maine - to New Hampshire and other out of state facilities, not knowing that their materials will likely not be managed in compliance with Maine rules - but by the rules in these other states. 

eWaste Alternatives (eWa for short) is an Electronics Reuse and De-manufacturing facility licensed by Maine's Department of Environmental Protection.  Our Maine DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) license I.D. is MER000506055 and our US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) facility registration I.D. is 000506055.  We built eWa in Maine so it would, by design, be obligated to the same rules that Maine businesses are.  All documentation, processes, transportation services and reporting for our Maine clients are performed to Maine DEP standards.

Verify our MDEP listing as a licensed Universal Waste management service here:

Our Customers do not have to 'look in the rear-view mirror' when it comes to security or compliance

All of the work of ensuring data security and compliance is embedded within our process.  If you are a Maine based organization, we even submit your MDEP Universal Waste reports for each load of material on your behalf - many businesses aren't aware that they are obligated to provide the department with these reports.  Additionally, we maintain electronic records of all your materials in our secure database for future reference or retrieval and the materials - from pickup at your facility, all the way through our process chain - are fully documented and auditable.

Beware of 'FREE' Recycling!

Organizations offering 'Free Recycling' are not processors - there is a real cost in properly processing electronics safely that usually exceeds the scrap value of that material.  These 'Fee Recyclers' are material brokers who intend to take your material to the highest bidder without performing any security, recording or processing service at all.  This is the single largest problem in the recycling industry today, as it pushes the data security and compliance risks so far down its long custody chain that no one can be sure where the risk 'ended' - if it ended - at all.  These are the practices that result in the stories about Chinese Toxic Villages and security breaches we hear about on the news.

Businesses with 100 or more employees do not qualify for Manufacturer Product Responsibility programs such as the one in Maine, which means these businesses are on the hook for the cost of their own materials.  If you are one of these businesses and someone says they can 'recycle' your business material for free - you are dealing with a very shady person.

There are inherent costs in properly managing electronics to end-of-life, your decision should be more about 'how much' and the depth of service you are paying for.  ITAD (I.T. Asset Disposition) companies usually provide the highest levels of service detail, quality - but are also the most expensive.  Real and legitimate 'Recycling Services' are usually inexpensive, but don't expect much in the way of service depth or detail - their purpose is 'disposal' and that is where the value ends.

eWaste Alternatives' service depth is that of an ITAD, but at the cost of a conventional 'Recycler'.  A more detailed explanation about our service depth and value is in the next pages...


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