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The 'best practices' prerequisites of the electronics reuse and recycling industry are enviromentally safe materials management, quality employee health and safety standards and tight information security.

eWaste Alternatives offers much more...real Sustainability.

eWaste Alternatives began as a spin-off of the PCs for MAINE computer access and literacy program in 2006.  Two non profits (the Information Technology Exchange and SKILLS Inc) met at a conference and discussed creating a new and exciting employment program for people with disabilities who would receive, process and recover thousands of computers a year for reuse by PCs for MAINE (low income families), other community support non profits, libraries and schools.

Today, eWaste Alternatives provides its services to many New England businesses who truly value the balance of 'People, Planet and Prosperity'.  Early adopters of our 'triple bottom line' value proposition clearly understood that they could significantly improve end-of-life asset management quality while decreasing their own costs.  Our customers also value our process transparency, focus on waste reduction via reuse, employment of people with disabilities (a massively under-employed population) and reinvestment in reusable technology in support of our community.

We work closely with our customers (who often become partners) in ways to constantly evolve the program and keep up with changes in industry and economy.  Today, we recycle electronic hardware of all types as well as the collateral packaging, printed materials, plastics, polycarbonates (CDs, DVDs) whenever possible - even cell phones, server racks, wire, cable and plastic & metal production scrap.

Non profits, libraries and schools can access the eWaste Alternatives' stockpile of reusable, tested and reconditioned equipment online for a small recovery fee that sustains part of our recovery efforts costs.  To date, more than $4.6M in technology has been recovered and repurposed by this system, and without it, our business customers would have otherwise paid thousands of dollars to a conventional 'scrap recycler'.

To learn more about the creators of this program and how much of eWaste Alternatives' donations are used to help others:


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You can also use the map below to see where PCs for MAINE uses computers recovered by eWaste Alternatives to spread technology access to those who otherwise might not have access!





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